About Us

Ceramics and Crafts by Vavak has been a work in progress since 2006 since I bought my first 15,000 ceramic molds. I hadn’t planned on opening a ceramic business but when the opportunity to purchase the molds I started working with them and decided that I would do it as a hobby. One day my husband told me that he was going to take an old building down on our acreage and build me a new building. I thought that would be a good hobby building. After completing the building I decided I knew so many arts and crafts that I wanted to share that with others.

Since my initial purchase I have added molds and kilns and I’m up to 35,500 molds and 6+ kilns along with many more pieces of greenware and bisque.

I opened the building on Dec. 7, 2010 and have been busy ever since. I give classes in: crocheting, knitting, painting, jewelry making, cake decorating, cake pops, cupcake designing, scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, quilling, and of course, all kinds of ceramic classes. I will have many more classes that I haven’t even thought of yet. I give individual classes or with a group whichever is more comfortable for you.

I have done many of my arts and crafts for much of my lifetime and have learned a lot from my grandmother, Freda Ohrtman. I had my own sewing business and do repairs and alterations too. I have done weddings and many beautiful gowns.

I am open on set hours of Wednesdays from 9 -3, Fridays from 9-8 and the second Saturday from 9-3. This means that I am here on those days but you can also call and make arrangements for almost any other time. I leave plenty of time open for individual or groups to come at their convenience. I have room for about 20 people to meet at my studio.